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About AGU
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Graduate Schools
  Graduate School of Letters Graduate School of Policy Studies
  Graduate School of Commerce Graduate School of Dentistry
  Graduate School of Management Sakae Satellite Center, Nagoya
  Graduate School of Law  
Undergraduate Programs/Faculties
  Faculty of Letters Faculty of Information and Policy Studies
  Faculty of Psycological and Physical Science School of Dentistry
  Faculty of Commerce Division of General Education
  Faculty of Management Japanese Language Course for Foreign Students
  Faculty of Law Junior College
Research Institutes & Students Support Programs
  Institute for Zen Studies Library and Information Center
  Center for International Studies University Dental Hospital
  Institute for Cultural Studies Center for Foreign Language Audio-Visual Education
  Research Institute of Business Education Center for Information Processing
  Research Institute of Marketing and Distribution Network Center
  Management Research Institute Health Service Center
  Research Institute of Law and Religion Clinic for Psycho-Clinical and Educational Counseling
  Research Institute of Advanced Oral Science Center for Extension Programs
  Institute for Foreign Languages Center for International Programs
Student Life
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