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Aichi Gakuin University has two healthcare centers to help students successfully complete their chosen studies by living healthy and fruitful lives.

Health Service Center:

Health Service Center was established to take care of the health of students and staff and also to provide First Aid for them. In April 1977, this center developed into an Infirmary, with an X-ray machine installed. The Infirmary consists of internal, surgical and dental departments. Doctors and nurses are always on duty, treating more than 3,500 people annually. In April 1998, this center opened a gynecological department to provide regular checkups. It is funded by the University and is available to every student and staff member free of charge.

Student Counseling Center:

Professional counselors carefully listen to the concerns of students experiencing difficulties and help them resolve personal problems, including study stress, interpersonal relationships and other mental and/or physical health concerns.

Accident Insurance

Aichi Gakuin University has an insurance system to cover traffic and other kinds of accidents. In addition to these insurance programs, the university provides accident insurance to all students which covers any injury incurred during the course of normal academic or school sponsored extracurricular activities undertaken as a part of student life.

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