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The Faculty of Psychological and Physical Science was founded in April 2003, independently of the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Letters. The faculty is made up of the two departments below.

Department of Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. With its historical root as a branch of philosophy, modern psychology has grown to share research interests with a variety of other fields of science such as physiology, biology, sociology, mathematics, and computer science. The curriculum of our Department of Psychology embodies both breadth and depth of the discipline. The faculty members are appointed to five specialty areas of Cognitive / Behavioral, Developmental / Educational, Personality / Clinical, Social / Industrial, and Psychometrics. Lectures, seminars, and lab classes are offered in every area, with special emphasis on scientific and empirical methodologies. As early as their first year, students are assigned some of the lectures and labs, and introduced to the forefront of research.

The curriculum ensures flexibility as well. Students can design their own course work choosing from the wide variety of electives. Classes such as Psychology of Religion and Special Lectures in each area represent the unique features of our program. Ample facilities and resources including experimental labs with high-tech equipment, computer labs, and an extensive departmental library support students' projects.

Department of Physical Science

The Department of Physical Science was established in April 2004.

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