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Inaugural Message from the Director

I do feel a great sense of responsibility to be appointed the director of AGU Centre for International Studies (CIS). About 10 years ago when CIS was first established in our school, Professor Terumichi Horiuchi, Faculty of Information and Policy Studies served as its first director, followed by Professor Tomohiko Sekine, Faculty of Commence taking over the reins subsequently. As a younger successor, I have a commitment to advance the legacy of the learning and leadership from former CIS directors and develop the AGU international academic studies with passion and support from each and every one of you.

The past academic year, on the occasion of the 2005 World Exposition, CIS has actively engaged in international studies in particular the Canadian Studies, the most prevalent and fruitful program in AGU. Through the Canadian Government Grant Program, Professor Hiromasa Kuwahara, AGU Faculty of Law has been inviting the Canadian scholars, most from the University of Alberta, to hold international symposia at CIS. These exchange activities on the Canadian Studies were considerably well-received and even attracted the notice of the Japanese Association for Canadian Studies (JACS) as well. Accordingly, CIS and JACS jointly hosted the Aichi Expo Canada Lecture Series Seminar in AGU last autumn. Nearly 100 people including the AGU students joined the 6-time Seminar with great interest. Some of the audiences are neighboring residents, also participating in the AGU extension lectures, whereas others from distant areas like Mie Prefecture etc. The details of the Seminar have been published on the CIS News No. 7.

In addition, "Anglo American Politics and Diplomacy" is scheduled to publish soon as Monograph Series for Area Studies Vol.3 by CIS. This issue collects the CIS lecture papers which provide the latest research information by academic society leaders. I deeply appreciate all of the hard work and the great contribution that two chief editors, Professor Hidesaburo Kusama, Faculty of Information and Policy Studies and Professor Masami Umekawa, Faculty of Law have made with the matter.

In terms of the Asian Studies, AGU School of Dentistry has been devoting its resources continuously to offering medical aids to various Asian countries. CIS has previously issued in 2003 "The Profile of Contemporary Asia" as Monograph Series for Area Studies Vol.2. Asia nowadays is an extremely important area to Japan. Therefore, it is our earnest desire to widen the cooperation with Asia not only in the medical care system, but in the interdisciplinary programs such as exchange activities in culture, the economy and law as well. AGU, a leading university with a wide range of degrees and programs in central Japan, will take advantage of every opportunity to motivate and approach the intercultural projects with Asian nations and areas. We hope to continue the cooperative efforts with the AGU academic members, and most importantly, with every one of you for many years to come!

Hiromichi HIKITA, D.Litt.
AGU Centre for International Studies

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