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Welcome to the Global Studies and Discussion (Blair, 2010) index page at Aichi Gakuin University.

Canada Britain-1783
  Ireland China-1700
Mexico France India  
Brazil Egypt Iran Indonesia
  Nigeria Iraq Australia

  • In addition each student chooses a single foreign country and topic for their research paper.

  • They write up their research papers as webpages that can be posted on the Internet and accessed throughout the world.

  • Starting with Draft 1 they continue to expand and improve their research paper through five separate drafts, adding a new reference each time.

    [Draft 1] . . . [Draft 2] . . . [Draft 3] . . . [Draft 4] . . . [Draft 5]

  • You can see samples and/or papers in progress by following the Draft 1-5 links above. Or you can view some of the Final Drafts from 2002-2005. Any questions, comments, or suggestions you might like to make would be greatly appreciated. This course was the topic of a presentation at JALT 2003. If you would like to know about the course in more detail or about its evolution and development please see Blair (2003).

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