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Dear Webmaster,
I would like to make one or more links (with remote loading) to images located on your website. I have temporarily posted a sample of what I plan to do at
Since your website does not seem to limit access or remote loading in any way (as some other sites do), I have assumed that this is all right with you. My university, however, insists that I have your permission to use them. So please send me a reply to let them know that permission has been granted.
If you have certain conditions you would like to impose, I would be happy to discuss them with you so that we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.
As a matter of personal policy I have created links to each remotely loaded photo, so that any viewer may see exactly where it is located on the World Wide Web. They can easily truncate the URL address back to the top page to explore your site and/or see whatever credits, terms of use, etc. that your own site provides. I wish to give proper credit to your website and to the photographers or artists that created the images you display.
My website is a non-commercial, academic site with personal webpages included. Please contact me at
and put "Link Permission" in the subject field or something that will catch my eye and distinguish it from the numerous unwanted messages that come to my mailbox every day. Suspicious subject headings like Re: Your Website, Urgent Message, etc. will probably cause your message to be mistaken for spam and erased without being read.
お手数ですが、毎日私のメールボックスに入る多数の要らないメールと区別ができる様に表題として "Link Permission" と記入して下さい。Re: Your WebsiteやUrgent Message等の様な表題の迷惑メールと混同しないためです。

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