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Where do you live?
What prefecture do you live in? Aichi? Gifu? Mie?
Where would you like to live in the future?

What city do you live in? Nagoya? Toyohashi? Gifu? Yokkaichi? Hamamatsu?
Where is it on a map?

How many neighborhoods have you ever lived in?
What is the name of your present neighborhood?
How long have you lived there?
How can we get there by train or subway?

Question 1. What is the closest station?

Do you like your neighborhood? Why or why not?
What do you like most? What do you dislike?
Is your neighborhood urban, or rural? Is your neighborhood noisy at night?
Is your neighborhood convenient?
Is there a karaoke shop? a convenience store? a candy store?
What other shops are there? Are there any good restaurants?
Do you do any of your shopping in your neighborhood?
Is there a park in your neighborhood? Have you gone there recently?
Are there any good places for children to play? to climb trees?
Is there some place where you can set off fireworks?
Are there any fields in your neighborhood? rice paddies?
Do you like gardening?
Do you live close to a beach? a mountain?

Question 2. Are there any rivers or lakes near you?

Are there any nice places to take a walk? any mountains to climb?
What are the most popular places in the neighborhood?

Question 3. What are your favorite places? Are there any places you dislike?

Question 4. What is the tallest building in your neighborhood?

Did you go to any schools in your neighborhood?
Is there a library in your neighborhood? a hospital? a movie theater? a pool?
Are there any sightseeing spots in your neighborhood?
Are there any good date spots?
Is there a highway or a bus stop near your house?
How is the parking in your neighborhood?
How many cars can park at your house?
Where do other people park when they visit you?
How has your neighborhood changed?

What are the special products of your area?
What animals are there in your neighborhood?

Question 5. What festivals are held in your area? When?

Question 6. Do you have any special memories (good or bad) of your neighborhood?

Have there been any fires or accidents in your neighborhood?
What would you like to do for your neighborhood?

House or Apartment
Do you live in a house, or an apartment? Which would you prefer? Why?
How many rooms are there?
Do you have your own room?
Who else lives with you?
Does your family own it, or do you rent?

People (the neighbors)
Do you want to be friendly with your neighbors?
Do you greet your neighbors? Talk with them?

Question 7. What are your neighbors like? Are there any nice neighbors? annoying neighbors?

Have they ever helped you?
Do you ever go out with your neighbors or eat at their house?

Question 8. Do any unusual or interesting people live in your neighborhood? famous people? any foreigners?

Do you have many friends in your neighborhood? How many?
Do your neighbors have children? Do they have pets?
What dialect of Japanese is spoken in your neighborhood?
Are there any childhood friends among your neighbors?

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