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Inventory of Plain S-V-O Verbs
a-e f-o p-z
admire 敬服する get on play 演じる、芝居をする
confess 自白、告白する host 司会をする prefer 好む
criticize 批判、非難するinfluence 影響与える、...を受けるrecord 記録、録画、録音する
decide 決める join 参加する ride 乗る
direct link 組む sit
embarrass make 予約 take place 行われる
feel 同性する、可愛そうと思うmeet work

Inventory of Other Verbs
S-V S-V S-V ... S-V-O
appear 出る、出現する go on 続く end 終わる
belong happen 偶然に start 始まる
comment 論評する (be) linked .
complain 不平を言う (be) related .

How many actors and actresses can you name?

Q1 Which TV personality is your favorite? Which do you dislike the most?

What do you know about Shinichiro Azumi?
Have you ever met a famous entertainer?
Tell us about it.

TV in General
How much television do you watch?
What is Japanese TV like?
When do you watch it?
How do you decide which program to watch?
What TV station do you watch the most? Tokai-TV? NHK? CBC? Nagoya-TV? TV-Aichi? Chukyo TV?
What channels are these stations on?
What about these stations: TV-Asahi? Fuji? TBS?
Do you watch TV with your family or alone?
Do you watch NHK programs? English programs? What? Full House? Desperate Housewives? Damages?
Do you like Jidai Geki? quiz programs?
Do you have any complaints about TV programs or TV programming?
How do you feel when you see a love scene on TV? embarrassed?
When you watch music shows do you sing along?

How many TVs do you have at home? analog? digital?
Do you record any TV programs? Which? Why?
Do you get satellite TV? Wowwow? Perfect TV?
Do you watch TV on your computer? your mobile phone?
Do you watch video clips on the Internet? on YouTube?

Specific Programs
What TV programs do you watch every week? Which is your favorite program?
Jidaigeki? variety programs? Waratte Iitomo?

time Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.
Go ( 江 ) Hey, Hey, Hey
. . . Music Station Mecha Ike
Bloody Monday
Winter Sakura Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta London

Sayonara Bokutachi no Yochien Columbo Friday
Fushigi Hakken
10 pm movie Smap
Red Carpet
I San
Kuroda K.
Lady The Pillars
of the Earth
11 pm . (Ainori) The Good Wife News Zero ER XV News Zero Kyle XY

Q2 What is the best TV program you've ever seen? worst?

Do you watch late night TV? What programs?

Q3 What kind of TV commercials do you like? Do you have a favorite?

Do you watch Mezamashi TV? Just?
Do you like London Boots? What TV program are they doing now? What's it about?

TV Dramas

Q4 What dramas have you watched?
Koko Kyoshi? Friends? Sex and the City? First Love? Water Boys? Orange Days? 1 Litre of Tears?

What is your favorite drama? the worst you've ever seen?
Is there a formula for trendy TV dramas in Japan?

Who are these people? What are their names?
What is Kou Shibasaki's real name?
What music group is Takuya Kimura a member of?
What drama have they appeared in? What is the story about?
Where do they work? What do they do?

Q5 How are the characters related to each other? friends? enemies? couples?

What channel is it on? What day and time does it come on?
Why do you like the program? What impresses you about it?

Do you watch ER on Monday night?
Do you remember Doug Ross? Mark Greene, Carol Hathaway, Peter Benton, and John Carter?
What do you know about Luka Kovac, Abby Lockhart, Neela Rasgotra, Archie Morris, Samantha Taggart, Ray Barnett, Tony Gates, Greg Pratt, and the other characters?
What happened in the last episode?

Desperate Housewives
Do you watch Desperate Housewives on Wednesday night?
What do you know about Bree Van De Kamp, her family, and other relationships?
What was the relationship between Bree, her husband Rex, and their pharmcist George? What happened to Rex? to George?
What do you know about Susan Mayer, Lynette Scavo, Gabrielle Solis, and the other characters?
What happened in the last episode?

Do you watch Ainori on channel 1 on Monday nights?
How long has the show been on the air? How long have you been watching it?
Do you have any Ainori goods? books?
How would you describe the show?
What happens when someone falls in love?
What happens if a member becomes sick?

Q6 What happened in the last episode?

What are some of the most memorable incidents on the show?
What did Asachan always do when someone returned to Japan?
Who confessed to Hide? What happened?

How many countries has the love bus been to already?
What will happen when they run out of countries?
What country is the bus in now? What part of the country?
Does this country have any good scenery? any interesting customs?
Does it have any problems? with parasites in its drinking water?
Which country has been your favorite?

Who has been on the bus the longest? How long? Where did they get on?
Who is the oldest member? the youngest? How old are they?
Where are the members from? What were they doing before joining the program?
Do they have any special talents?
Who do you like? dislike? Why?
Who looks like they are falling in love? with who? Will they confess their love?
Do you think they will return to Japan alone? or as part of a couple?








What happened to these people?













Who are Eiji Wentz's fellow commentators? What are their attitudes towards the people on the bus?
Would you like to ride the love wagon? Why or why not?

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