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Inventory of Plain S-V-O Verb
a-g h-r s-z
attack have sit up
bite hold stand
breed live swim
catch . touch
die pick up .
dig purr wag
do tricks . walk
eat raise wash
fly run watch
Inventory of Other Verbs
S-V S-V-O ... ... S-V
. . purr
bark . stand
die . sit up
growl . swim
fly walk walk

What do both penguins and pelicans eat?
What animal is the strongest?
Have you ever kept a pet in your yard?
Have you ever seen a monkey?
When you want to see animals, where do you go?
What is your favorite animal?
Do you have any clothes made of leather or fur?
What do you hate about dogs?

List as many kinds of animals can you think of.
What kinds of horses are there?
What rodents can you name? birds? fish?
What animals do you dislike? are you afraid of?
Which animal is the dirtiest? ugliest?

What kind of games do dolphins play?
What do you like about animals? What do you dislike?
What animal do you look like?
Can you imitate any animal? a dog? What else?

Q1 If you were an animal, want would you like to be?

What animals did your elementary school have?
Do you know all the animals of the Chinese zodiac? Which are you?
Do you know your sign of the Animal zodiac? What is it?

Have you ever collected insects ?
How much does an ant weigh?
How long does a cicada live?

Do you often go to the zoo? When was the last time you went?
What animals can you see at Higashiyama Zoo?
Have you ever gone to "Wanwan Dobetsuen"?
Have you ever fed animals in a zoo or in the park?
What is the largest zoo in Japan? in the world?
Have you ever been to Fuji Safari Park? Nagoya Port aquarium? Minami Beach Land?
Have you seen "Mutsugoro to Yukai na Nakamatachi"? "Dobutsu Kiso Tengai"?

Animal Products
What products are made from animals?
What animal skins are used to make clothes or rugs?
Do you like to wear animal print clothes? What kind? zebra prints? leopard prints?
Do you like the way they look on other people? What kind of image does it give them?
Do you have any stuffed animals?
Have you ever milked a cow ? Would you like to?
What animals do you like to eat?
Have you ever eaten whale meat?
Have you ever eaten frogs? an insect? a grasshopper?

Working Animals
What kinds of work can animals do?
Has an animal ever helped you?
Have you ever collected funds for seeing-eye dogs?

Q2 Have you ever ridden an animal? a horse? a camel ? an elephant ? would you like to?

Have you ever seen performing animals? when? where?
Have you ever seen the Ashika Show?
What animals are used for scientific experiments?
What do you think of animal experiments?

Famous and Imaginary Animals
What famous animals do you know of?
Who is "Chuken Hachiko"?
Have you ever seen a monkey named "Jiro"?
Do you know about "Nikko Saru-gundan"?
Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)? Yeti? rimi? nyalmo? Bigfoot? the Abominable Snowman?
What is Doraemon, a cat, or a raccoon dog?
Have you ever heard of "Big Foot"?
Do you believe in "kappa"?

Stray and Wild Animals

Q3 Have you ever seen stray or abandoned animals? what? what did you do?

Have you ever helped an animal? How?
Have you ever tortured or killed an animal?
Have you ever seen a dead animal? Where? What did you do?
Are there any stray cats near your house?

Which species of animals are endangered or extinct?
Have you ever seen dinosaur fossils?
When did dinosaurs become extinct and how?
What is the Washington Treaty?
What kinds of animals live in the desert?
What wild animals have you seen? when? where?
Have you ever gone bird watching? whale watching?
Have you ever seen Nihon Kamoshika?
Have you ever seen Iriomote Yamaneko?

Q4 Have you ever seen one animal attack or kill another?

Have you ever seen an "upa rupa"? a frilly lizard?
Have you ever seen a "jugon"?

Animal Facts
How do fish sleep? with their eyes open?
What animals sleep standing up?
What is the difference between a sea lion and a seal? an aligator and a crocodile? a leopard and a cheetah?
How heavy do elephants get? What do they eat?
Are there homosexual animals?
Are some animals monogamous (have a single mate for life)?
How many eggs does a turtle lay?
What size is the litter of various animals?
What percentage live to be adults?
What animals live the longest?
How long can a hamster live?
What are some animal diseases?
How do penguins sleep?
Why do elephants have long trunks? What other animals have trunks?
Why do giraffes have long necks?
How do cats' eyes change when they grow up?

Animal-Human Contact
Would you like to live in the wild?
Have you ever stepped in animal droppings?
Have you ever been hit by a bird's droppings?
Do you have an allergy to any animals?
What human diseases are spread by animals?
What animals spread disease to humans?

Have you ever been bitten by a dog ? scratched by a cat? stung by a bee?
What animals are dangerous to humans? How?
Have you ever gone hunting?
Have you ever caught frogs or lizards?
Has a lizard's tail ever broken off in your hand?
Have you ever encountered a dangerous animal?

Q5 Have you ever touched an animal? What?

Can animals comfort people or raise their spirits?

Q6 Have you ever heard of animals raising human children? or animals of a differentspecies?

Have you ever smelled a skunk?
Can you bear the rough feel of a cat's tongue?
Have you ever touched "Nikukyu"?

Humans and Animals
What animals can communicate? How do they communicate?
Can animals understand human language?
What animals can use tools? what? how?
What animals come closest to being human?
Have you or any friends ever acted like a wild animal?
Can you communicate with animals?
Might some monkeys become human after many generations?

Q7 What animals are the smartest? Why do you think so?

Who is Kenji Ninuma? Why does he have carrier pigeons?
What is Yanbaru-kuina? What do you think of "saru-mawashi"?
Do you think there is "tsuchi no ko"?
Have you seen any stuffed animals? Where? What kind?

Have you ever had any pets? tropical fish?
What are their names? How did you name them?
Did you buy them at a pet shop? How much did they cost?
Do you keep them inside, or outside?
Do you ever dress them up in clothes?
Are they difficult to take care of?
What do you feed them?
How much do you spend on food and supplies?
Do you take your pet for a walk? how often? how long?
Do you put your pet on a leash?
Do you talk to them? teach them tricks?
Do you ever take them to the veterinarian? for a check up?
What kind of animal would you like to have as a pet (next)?
What is the difference between a cat's life and a dog's life?
Does your pet do any tricks?

Q8 Do pets have a better life than wild animals?

Have any of your pets ever run away?
Has your pet had any babies? Did you see her give birth?
Have you ever been to an animal's funeral? buried a dead animal?

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most popular second rank third rank
dog and cat zebra whale
rabbit kangaroo dophin
lion penguin .
monkey . sloth
tiger deer donkey
elephant squirrel hamster
giraffe hippo cheetah
horse camel hedgehog
cow . goat
pig turtle rhino
sheep snake gnu
panda crocodile .
mouse . ostrich
koala duck owl
bear chicken flamingo
. . goose
. . parakeet
. . albatros
. . .
. . .shark
. . .
. . ant
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .

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