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Famous Art
What kinds of art are there? What schools of art?
What famous works of art do you know? Japanese? Chinese? Western?
Who is Munch?
What famous paintings did Picasso paint? da Vinci? van Gogh? Rembrandt? Katsushika Hokusai?
How much are they worth now?
What do you know about Renaissance art?
What is Suibokuga? Ukiyoe?
Who painted the Mona Lisa? Who was Mona Lisa?
Who created The Thinker? Venus d'Milo?
Are there any works of art that you dislike?
What cities are famous for art? What Japanese cities?
Have you ever gone to a museum? an art gallery?

Famous Artists
What Renaissance artists can you name? Impressionists? PostImpressionists? Japanese?
What do you know about them--their works and their lives?
Which died early? How?
Who is Chihiro Iwasaki?

Your Own Art
Do you own a painting? a drawing? a book of art?
Have you ever painted a picture? drawn one? When? Are you good?
Have you ever studied art? When? Where?
How long has it been since you've drawn or painted a picture?
Have you ever participated in or attended an art exhibit?
Have you ever painted a picture? When? What?
Have you ever wanted to become an artist?
Have you ever sent a picture in to a newspaper or magazine?
Were you ever a member of an art club?

Art Appreciation
Do you have any favorite paintings? sculptures? photographs? artists?
Do you prefer oil painting? or watercolors?
Are you interested in photography?
Do you like street art? What is it?
Do you like animation? comics?
Do you watch any TV programs about art? Daredemo Picaso?
Have you read any books or magazines about art? What?
Have you ever looked at art on the Internet?

Art Grammar.

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