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List as many cities as you can. Where are they?
How many cities are there in Japan? Aichi?
How big do you think an average sized city is?

Foreign Cities
What foreign cities can you name? What country are they in?
What are the five most famous or important cities in the world?
What are the five biggest cities in the world?
What are the five most dangerous cities in the world?
What is the most expensive city in the world? least expensive?
What is the coldest city?

Capital Cities
How many nation's capitals can you name?
How many prefectural capitals can you name?
What do you think about Tokyo as the capital of Japan?
Do you think the capital should be moved or spread out?

Japanese Cities
What is the Japanese city with the shortest name? the longest?
What cities would you want to go to with your boyfriend?
Which cities have the most traffic accidents? the least?
Do you often visit other cities? Which cities? Why?
What city has the highest land prices?
What Japanese city is the furthest north? east? south? west?
What city has the greatest amount of rain? How much?
What city has the highest humidity?

What cities have you lived in? visited?
What cities did you parents grow up in? your grandparents?
What cities do your aunts, uncles, and cousins live in?
What cities do you like best?
What cities would you like to visit?

What is Osaka famous for? Yokohama? Nagoya?
Which cities are the most beautiful? the dirtiest?
Where are your favorite places in Nagoya? What are the nearest subway stops?

Urban and Rural
What's the difference between urban and rural residents?
What's the difference between a city and a town?
What is your image of "cities"?
What do you think an ideal city would be like?
How do you think cities will change in the future?
Are cities a good place to raise children? for old people to live? Do you prefer big cities or small cities? What size?
What are some good points and bad points about living in a city?
What do you do in a big city that you can't do in a town or small city?

Your City/Nagoya
How much vegetation is there is your city?
Does your city have many parks?
Is your city clean?
What is the weather like? cold winter? snow? hot summer?
What is your city's symbol? flower?
How far is your city from the ocean?
Is there a harbor? a river close by?

Are there any statues? of whom? of what?
Are there any amusement parks?
What is the tallest building? How high is it?

Do many people park illegally?
Does your city have parking meters?

Where do people meet each other?

How often do buses come?
Are there many bicycles on the road?

How many elementary schools? junior high schools? high school?
Is there a library? a zoo? an aquarium?

Does your city have a pollution problem?
Are there many stray animals?
How has your city changed since you were a child?

Has anyone famous come from your city?
What is your city famous for?
Is there a local festival? What?

Are there any French restaurants in your city?
How many department stores does it have? Which ones?
How many theaters are there? movie theaters?
Is there an airport?
Is there a castle? What's the name of the castle?
Does your city have a marathon?
Is it decorated for Christmas?
Does it have any famous roads?
Does your city have many convenience stores?
Does it have a subway? a bus company?
How many train stations? a shinkansen station?

Are there some famous foods?
What are the people like?
Is it comfortable?
Does it have an "old mound"? When was it built?
Are there many high-class apartments buildings?
Are there many dogs? other animals?
Is your city prosperous?
Is there much crime?
Are there any famous or unusual buildings?
Have you ever been to City Hall?

City Government
Who is the mayor?
What is the population?
What taxes do you or your parents pay to the city?
Are city taxes higher than town taxes?
Does your city have any special ordinances? Do you observe the city's rules?
Do you use city equipment? facilities?
How far is it from Nagoya?
How many wards does it have? Can you name them?
Does it have any sister cities? What are they?

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