Crime and Violence

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Crime Rates
Q1 What are the three safest countries in the world? the three most dangerous countries?

Why does America have so much crime?
Which country is safer, Australia or Japan?
What crimes are committed by foreigners in Japan?
Have any Japanese have been involved in crimes abroad?
Do you think the crime rate will increase in the future? decrease? why?

Violent Crime
What are the most violent crimes?
What crimes are punishable by death?
What percentage of assaults and murders do you think take place at home?
What is the difference between a massacre and genocide?
When was President John Kennedy assassinated? his brother Robert?
Who else has been assassinated?
Do you know anyone who has committed a crime? suicide?
Have you ever seen the scene of a crime? of a suicide?
Has there ever been a murder in your neighborhood?
What would you do if you were abducted?
Would you pay the ransom if one of your children were kidnapped?

Terrrorism and War
Do you think war is a crime? Do you think it should be?
How would such a law be enforced?
Are soldiers, then, criminals?
What is the difference between war and terrorism?
What terrorist incidents have killed more than 30 people?
How many planes were hijacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001?
What happened to the planes? Where did they crash?

What would you do if your government ordered you to join the armed forces?
What if you were ordered to undergo military training? register for possible military service?
Are any actions during a war considered to be war crimes? What?
What war criminals have been punished?
How are war crimes legally established and defined?
How were they indicted? convicted? How was punishment determined?
Are you a pacifist?
Do you believe that nonviolent resistance can be effective?

What weapons should be outlawed? nuclear? biological? chemical?
How can the world stop the spread of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction?
Why did Bush and Blair decide to attack Iraq?

The Laws
Q2 What crimes can you name? What are the maximum penalties?

What are the three most serious crimes? What are the three least serious crimes you can think of?
How is crime related to social and economic conditions?
Has crime changed over the years? over the centuries? How?
What new crimes should be created? What crimes should be taken off the books?
What do you think of the death penalty? Should it be abolished?
What kinds of death penalties are there in Japan?
Is the Japanese legal system strict?
Do you think religion is related to crime?
Are you interested in criminal law? Do you want to be a lawyer?
Why does the government treat adults and minors differently?

Q3 What is an example of sexual harassment?

What other kinds of harassment are there?
Is euthenasia a crime?
Do you think abortion should remain legalized?

The Police
Do most criminals in Japan get caught?
What do you think about the Japanese police?

Q4 Have you ever gone to a police station? police box?

Is there a policeman in your neighborhood?
Have you ever wanted to be a police officer?

Q5 Have you seen policemen breaking a traffic law?

Have you ever ridden in a police car? an ambulance? a police bus?
Have you ever helped catch a criminal?

Q6 Do you know anyone who has been admonished by the police? arrested?

When are police (or soldiers) used to control crowds?
Have you ever been to or seen a protest rally? a riot?
What happened to student protesters at Kent State University?

Guns, Security, and Self Defense
Do you think we need guns here in Japan?
How many people have guns in Japan? Are they necessary for self defense? Have you ever seen a real gun? Used one?
Would you like to own a gun if Japanese law allowed it?
When you buy food at a store, do you inspect it carefully for tampering?

Q7 Do you feel safe walking alone at night? Are you afraid of "tori-ma"?

Do you ever carry a knife with you?
What is a "burglar ball"?
Does your house have a security system? Do you lock your doors and windows at night? in the daytime?
Is there a peep hole on your door? An interphone? A security camera?

Courts and Prisons
Have you ever seen the inside of a coutroom?
Have you ever seen an araignment? a court hearing? a trial? a sentencing?
What are some typical sentences for various crimes? imprisonment? fines? probation?
What is a suspended sentence? parole?

Q8 Do you know where any prisons or jails are? Have you visited any? Been inside?

What do prisoners do in prison?
If you were sentenced to death, how would you choose to be executed?
Are many people falsely imprisoned?

Q9 Is there a motorcycle gang in your neighborhood? What kind of people belong to motorcycle gangs in Japan?

Have you ever seen or ridden with "bosozoku"?
What do you think of Japan's yakuza?
Have you ever seen any? Where? What were they doing?
Can you tell yakuza" from ordinary people? How?

Victims and Witnesses
Q10 Have you ever been the victim of a crime or witnessed one?

Has your bicycle ever been stolen? your umbrella? How many times?
Have you ever been the victim of a pickpocket? of fraud?

Q11 Have you ever seen anyone threatened? sexually harassed?

Have you ever had clothes stolen?
What would you do if you found out that a friend had committed a crime?
Has your house ever been broken into by a burglar? your bag been snatched?
Have you ever run after a thief?
Have you ever seen anyone being arrested by the police?

Drugs and Sex Crimes
Q12 What drugs can you name? Have you ever seen or heard about anyone using drugs?

Do you smoke or drink? Are you twenty years old or older?
Q13 How old were you the first time you drank or smoked?

Have you or a friend ever been bothered by a molester?
Are there more molesters on the Meitetsu Line, JR, or the subway?
How do you protect yourself from perverts?

Q14 Do you know anyone that has been followed by a stalker? What would you do if you were followed?

If you were raped, would you file charges?
What do you think about teenage prostitution or "enjo kosai"? Is it a crime? Should it be?

Juvenile Delinquency
Is juvenile delinquency on the increase?
What should society do with young and very young criminals?
What is causing the recent increase in crime?
What should we do to stop crime or prevent it?

Q15 What causes people to commit crimes?

How can schools help prevent crime?

What kinds of juvenile crimes are there?
Do you think it is a crime to force someone to drink at a party?
Do you think leaving a restaurant without paying for your food is a crime? reading books and magazines without paying for them?
What about cheating on subway or train fares? bullying someone in school?
Do you think street art is vandalism?
Is skateboarding in the street a crime? fighting? scalping tickets?

Have you ever told a lie? betrayed a friend?
Have you ever "tricked" someone? cheated on a test?
Have you ever used forged telephone cards?

Petty Crimes and Victimless Crimes
Have you ever been involved in an accident? an incident?
Have you ever thought of committing a crime?
What would you do if you had no money? Would you steal?
Have you ever committed a crime? What?

Q16 Has anyone you know been in trouble with their parents? with their teachers? for what?

Have you ever shoplifted? What did you steal?
Is parking on the street a crime?
Have you ever parked illegally?

Q17 Have you ever been in or seen a traffic accident?

Have you ever gotten a traffic ticket?
Have you ever driven while drunk or stoned?

Crimes in the News
Do you often read crime news?
What kinds of crimes have been reported in the news recently? child abuse? fraud? school bullying? murder? robbery?
What's the difference between bullying and teasing?

What crimes have politicians committed?
What happened in the Watergate scandal? the Lockheed scandal?
What happened to Nixon? to Tanaka? the people who worked for them?
Can you think of any other political scandals or crimes?

What criminals can you name?
What do you think about the Sarin Incident?
What is Asahara Shoko doing now?
Who killed Lindsay Hawker? What happened in Akihabara?
Did you hear about the murder of the Japanese student in Australia?
Why did she follow the criminal?
Do you remember the Guriko Morinaga poisoning case?
What do you think about the Hattori Incident?

What do you think about Princess Diana's auto accident?
Q18 Who do you think is responsible for Princess Diana's death?

Do you think "Murderer Jack" is still alive?
Do you know of the Abe Sada incident?
Why was someone arrested for walking in the "Seikan Tunnel"?
What should a criminal's family do for his/her vicitims' families?

Do you like documentary TV programs like Tokuho Sousasen 24?
Do you watch Konan on TV? read the comic? How about Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo?
Who is Furuhata Ninzaburo?
Do you like mystery movies or books?

What do you think about fake doctors?
Have you ever wanted to kill anyone?
What do you think about punishment in Brazil, a hundred lashes?
Why do bank robbers put stockings over their faces?
Do only children commit more crimes than those with brothers or sisters?
What do you think about bribery?

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