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Family, including all Relatives
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Inventory of Plain S-V-O/C Verbs
a-e f-q r-z
adopt feel 感じる marry 結婚する
call 呼ぶ fight 喧嘩する meet 会う
cook 料理する have 居る (a brother)
have 持つ (two cars)
have 飼う (a dog)
own 所有する
eat 食べる hire 採用する plan 計画する
embarrass 当惑する leave 置き忘れる (my coat)
leave 離れる (home)
leave 出る (the house)
sense 感じる

Inventory of Other Verbs
S-V S-V S-V ... S-V-O
act 行動する graduate 卒業する change 変える
get (up) 起きる look 見える .

Nuclear Family

Are there any family secrets that you can tell me?
Are you proud of your family or some relative? for what?
Has your family or some relative ever done something embarrassing?

Is everyone in your family in good health?
Does anyone in your family suffer from hay fever?
Is your father bald? any relatives?

What do you like best about your family?
Is there anything you would like to change?

Extended Family

Is your family particularly close (=friendly) to some relatives?
Where do your aunts and uncles live?
What relative lives the furthest away from you? Where?
Have you met all your cousins? Where did you meet?
Have you been in their house? in their room?
Have you ever gone on a trip with your cousins?
Are any cousins married? Do they have children?
Have you met any second cousins? third cousins?

Do you know the names of your great grandparents? great great grandparents?
What do you call your aunts and uncles? Do you use their names?
What is your mother's maiden name?
Or was your father adopted into your mother's family?
Are their any Katagiris among your relatives? a Yoshihiro Katagiri?

Are any of your relatives entertainers (芸能人)? Do they have a special skill?
Are any of your relatives famous or well-known for something?
Do any of your relatives have unusual jobs? hobbies?
What universities have your relatives graduated from? attended?
Do any of your relatives speak English well? Have they lived in a foreign country?
How tall (short) is your tallest (shortest) relative?

Where did your ancestors come from?
Where and when did your grandparents or great grandparents die?
Have any relatives died? how?
Are there any photos in the Buddhist altar at home? Whose?
Q1 What is the oldest family photo you've ever seen?

When was the photo taken? Who is in the photo?
What are they doing? Why was the photo taken?

Living Relatives
Do you ever see your relatives? when? where?
Do any of your relatives resemble each other?
Do any look like you? Who?
How often do you visit relatives?
Do any have the same family name as you?
Q2 Who is your favorite relative? Why?

Do you have any foreign relatives?
Have any of your relatives been to a foreign country?


Do any of your grandparents live with you?
Do they spoil you? Are they strict with you?
Have your grandparents ever given you some advice? other relatives?

Where were your grandparents born? what year?
Are all your grandparents still alive? What age are they?
Are any of your grandparents living with you?
Who looks after your grandparents?
Were they alive during World War II? What were they doing then?
Q3 Have they had any interesting experiences? What?

Do your grandparents work? What did they do before retiring?

Aunts, Uncles, and Parents
When and where were your parents born?
Q4 How did your parents first meet?

How old was your mother when she gave birth to her first child?

When and where did your parents first meet?
Has your family or your parents ever moved?
How old are your parents? your oldest living relative?
Are there any big differences (gap 婚) between your parents? aunts and uncles?
What were your parents like at your age? What were they interested in? Do you look or act like one of your parents? some other relative?
What are your parents like now? What are their hobbies?
Is one parent more strict than the other?
Do you feel a generation gap with your parents?
Are you planning anything special for Mother's Day or Father's Day?

When and where did your parents get married?
Who do you like better, your mother or your father?
What do your aunts and uncles do?
Where do your aunts and uncles live?
Why did your uncle and aunt divorce?
What sports does your mother play?
What does your mother or father do for a living?
Does your father go on business trips?

Your Generation

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
What is the difference in age between the oldest and youngest child?
Are you the oldest? youngest? tallest? shortest?
Who is the best looking? the most interesting? smartest?
Can you make any words from the first syllables (仮名) of everyone's names?
Are they students? working? Do they have any children?
What are they like? What are their hobbies and interests?
Do they all still live at home? do you?
Do they ever bother you? boss you around? give you advice?
Have you ever quarreled with your family? fought with someone in your family?

Q5 What are your brothers and sisters' names? Are they students?

What games did you play with them when you were a child? with your cousins?
How many cousins do you have? Where do they live?
Are any of your cousins the same age as you?
Are any of your cousins married? students? where?

The Next Generation
Do you have any nieces or nephews?
How many children would you like to have?
Q6 What names would you like to give them?

Would you ever consider adopting a child?

Family Life

What does your family talk about? Who talks with you the most?
What do you do together when you have free time? on Sundays?
Do you go to a restaurant? visit the zoo? watch TV together?
Do you go to sporting events? play badminton together?
Where have you gone for trips with your family?
Did you go anywhere this Golden Week?
What is your family's favorite event?
Do you have any special family memories?

Who does the house work in your family?
Who gets up earliest? goes to bed the latest?
Who leaves the house earliest? gets home the latest?
Who, besides your mother, is the best cook in your family?
What is your mother's (or father's) best dish? Is it an original family recipe?
Are there any picky eaters?
Do your parents or grandparents like to drink? smoke?
How many cars does your family own? TVs? computers
What is the most expensive thing your family owns besides their house?

What are you called by your family?
Who do you like best in your family?
Who makes dinner for your family?
Who does the shopping?
Does your family all eat together?
What do you talk about?
What sports do people in your family like?
What time do the people in your family wake up? go to bed?
Q7 Which parent is stricter?

Have you always gotten along well with your brothers and sisters?
What, if anything, do your parents argue about?
Has your family ever moved? taken a trip together?
What does you family do on weekends? on holidays?
Do you have any plans for Golden Week?
What kinds of housework does your father do?

Q8 What do you do that makes your parents happy?

Who shares a bedroom in your family?

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