Food and Diet

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What kinds of food do you like? dislike?
Do you like sweet foods? spicy foods? salty foods?
What vegetables do you eat?
What kinds of sushi are there? What is the difference between sushi and sashimi?
What foods do you never eat?
Have you ever eaten dog food? cat food? insects?

What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Do you usually eat a bento (box lunch)?
What time do you eat dinner?
How long before bedtime do you stop eating?
What do you eat with your rice? with your bread? with your meat or fish?
What is the longest time you've gone without food? without water? Why?

Do you like any foreign foods?
Do you like Chinese food? What? French food? What? Japanese food? What?
Which fast foods do you like best? hamburgers? pizza? fried chicken?
Do you often eat out?
What restaurants do you go to?
Which hamburgers do you like best? MacDonald's? Lotteria? Moss burger?

What is the highest your weight has ever been?
Have you ever worried about your weight?
How much do you want your husband (wife) to weigh?
Do you know of an effective diet?
Did you try to diet? How did it work?
Have you ever lost weight? How?
Do you try to keep track of your calories?
If you lose weight, do you reward yourself? How?

Have you ever had diarrhea? constipation?
Do you take any stomach medicines? vitamins?
Have you ever had ulcers?
Do you eat lots of fiber?
Do you have gastroptosis (ikasui)?

Can you cook well? What?
How often do you cook?
How do you cook tempura? tonkatsu? fried rice? yaki soba? sukiyaki? shabu shabu?
What kind of nabe cooking do you like?
What do you put on a fried egg? scrambled eggs? french toast?
Have you ever made some desert?

What are your favorite snacks?
How often do you eat snacks?
What kind of potato chips do you like best?
What brand and flavor of ice cream do you like?
Do you like Japanese sweets such as "manju" or "youkan"?

Curry Rice
Do you like curry rice?
What kinds of curry rice are there?
Do you like spicy curry?
What ingredients do you use when you cook curry?
How often do you eat curry?
Do you like seafood curry? beef curry?

Food Production
What is the Food Chain?
Where do vegetables come from?
Where does meat come from?
Where does water come from?
What foods are produced in Japan?
What foods are imported? from where?

Does everyone get enough good food to eat?
What countries don't have enough food?
How many people die of hunger each day?
What can be done about this problem?
What groups are trying to help?

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