Health and Medicine

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What does it mean to be healthy?
When have you felt happy to be in good health?
Do you worry about anyone's health?
What do you do to stay healthy?
Do you take vitamin supplements? protein? minerals?

What do you do when you catch a cold? have a headache?
Do you take medicine soon when you don't feel well?
Are there any medicines that you always carry around with you?

Do you know how medicines work?
Do you ever have trouble swallowing medicine?
Are all medicines safe?

When was your last physical exam? visit to a doctor?
When was the last time you were sick? went to a hospital?

What do you know about swine flu? bird flu?
Have you ever had chilcken pox? influenza?

How do you take care of your health?
Do you ever worry about your health?
Which is more important, money or health?
Which is more important to you, to be thin or to be healthy?
Do you want to be healthy forever? How long do you think your life will be?
What's the secret of living a long life?
Do you think children today are strong?
Do you watch any TV programs about health? "Omoikkiri TV"? Mino Monta's TV program?

Physical Exams
How is your physical condition now?
Do you have a regular physical check-up?
What's your blood type? your family's blood types?
Do you have high blood pressure? low blood pressure?
What causes high blood pressure?
What's a normal temperature?

Have you been sick recently?
Have you seen a doctor recently? About what?
Do you have any allergies? To what?
What is the role of IgE? Who first isolated it?
Have you ever had a chronic disease?
Do you get a fever easily?
Do you think baldness is a disease?
Are you allergic to anything? What?
Have you ever suffered from asthma? Hay fever?
Do you ever suffer from nasal inflammation? When?
How often do you catch a cold?
Do you have delicate skin or other skin problems?
Have you ever had anemia?
Have you ever had mumps, measles, or chicken pox?
If you are sick, what does your family do for you?
Have you ever had a high fever?
How often do you miss school because of illness?

Doctors and Hospitalization
Have you ever been hospitalized?
Do you have a family doctor?
Do any of your friends hope to be doctors? nurses?
Have you ever had appendicitis?
What do you think of heart transplants?
Have you ever broken an arm or a leg?
Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
How long did you have to stay in the hospital?
Do you like the hospital smell?
How did you like the food?
Have you ever been seriously ill or had an operation?
Have you ever had stitches? How many?
Have you ever watched ER (emergeny room)?

Fatal Diseases and Death
Does your family have a history of cancer?
Is it possible to recover from cancer?
Are you scared of death?
If you had cancer, would you want to be told?
What would you do if you found out you only had 3 months to live?
Would you donate your organs, if you knew you were going to die?
How long do you want to live? How long do you think you'll live?
What do you think of euthanasia?

Community Health
What country's residents have the longest life expectancy? the shortest?
What diseases are there? What are they caused by? a virus? a bacteria?
Do you know of any epidemics? the Flu Epidemic of 1918? the Avian Flu scare in Hong Kong?
What mental diseases are there?
What does W.H.O. stand for? C.D.C.? Does Japan have such an organization?
What diseases seem to be prevalent in Japan?
Are you afraid of O-157? Is there a cure?
Are you afraid of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) or HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)? When do you think there will be a cure for AIDS or HIV?
What other sexually transmitted diseases are there?
Have you ever donated blood? received a blood transfusion?

Do any of your friends hope to be dentists?
How often do you see a dentist?
How often do you brush your teeth? every day? three times a day? floss?
Have you ever had a tooth pulled? your teeth drilled? cleaned?
Have you ever had cavities?
Have you ever worn braces on your teeth?

Are you looking forward to being a pharmacist? Why or why not?
How often do go to the drug store?
What do you buy there?

What medications do you know of?
What new medicines would you like to see invented?
Are you allergic to any medicines?
What medicines do you take? For what? Does it make you sleepy?
Have you ever taken shots? For what?
Have you ever been put on an IV drip?
Do you have any medicine with you now?
Do you take medicine with you when you travel?
Do you often take medicine? What? What times of the day?
What is the worst medicine you've ever taken? best?
Do you read the directions before taking medicine? Have you ever taken medicine that is old and out of date?
Do you take medicine for menstrual cramps? a stomache ache? indigestion? What? seiro-gan? hyakuso-gan?
Do you take medicine when you have a headache? What? aspirin? bufferin? Advil? Exedrin
Can you swallow medicine without water?
When you swallow powdered medicine, do you use an "oblate"?
Do you prefer tablets or pills to powdered medicine?
Is it okay to take medicine with tea, instead of water? How about Coke? milk?
Where do you get your medicine? Is there a drugstore near your house?
Do you have a first aid kit at home? What's in it?
Have you ever taken an overdose of medicine?
How does medicine affect the liver?
Have you ever suffered from the side-effects of a medicine?
Can old people get their medicines for free? How?
Do you know of a good cold medicine?
What kind of eye drops do you use?
Have you ever taken Chinese medicine?
Have you ever taken drugs to reduce weight?
How long do you sleep every night? Have you ever taken sleeping pills?
Are birth control pills readily available in Japan?
What symptoms can vitamins cure? Which vitamins do you know?
Do you dislike getting shots?
What kinds of legal and illegal drugs are there?
Do you know anyone who has ever taken drugs? is addicted to any drugs or medicine?

What kinds of food are good for you? Bad for you?
Do you take vitimins as a supplement?
Do you drink milk every day?
What vegetables do you eat?
Do you often eat fast foods?
Do you eat snacks? What?
What do you think about food additives?
What do you know about cholesterol?
How much salt do you ingest a day?
Do you know anyone who suffered anorexia or bulimia? from malnutrition?
Have you ever had diarrhea? been constipated? Did you take medicine?
Do you eat health food? What?
Do you eat or drink Calarie Mate? Do you like it?
Have you ever drunk "Ao-jiru"? eaten Yamagishi's foods?
Do you worry about your weight? Do you often weigh yourself?
Are you on a diet? What weight would you like to be?
How many calories does our body use every day?

Habits and Lifestyle
What time do you go to bed? What time do you get up in the morning?
Do you gargle and wash your hands when you come home?
Do you think deep breathing exercises are good for your health?
Do you smoke? Do you drink?
When did you first drink alcohol?
Do you know a good remedy for hangovers?
If you smoke, do you think you can stop?
What do you think about pregnancy and smoking?
What do you do to release stress?
Do you often use the stairs?
Do you exercise for your health?
Have you ever done radio calisthenics?
Do you do "kanpu masatsu" in winter?
Is swimming in the winter healthy?

Do you drink tap water?
Do you go to a sauna?
Have you ever experienced "tsuchi-buro"? "denki-buro"?
Do you watch "Kamisama mo Sukoshi Dake"?
Have you ever suffered from food poisoning?
Do you think taking too much medicine will turn your hair white?
Do you have a donor card?
Have you ever gone to an ears, nose, throat clinic?
How many tablets can you take at once?
Have you ever had a rubdown with a dry towel?
Are you afraid of dysentery?
Have you ever had a bloody stool?

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