Personal Relationships,
Love, and Marriage

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People make friends.

Do you think personal relationships are important?
Do you worry about making and keeping friends?
Are you a friendly person? a sensitive person? a shy person?
Is it easy for you to speak with new people? make friends?
Where do you go to meet people?
What do you say when you first meet someone? any good lines?
How do you make contact with people that interest you?
How do you avoid contact with people you are not interested in?
Do you make eye contact with strangers? Where?
Do you talk to strangers at parties? on the subway?
What do you say to people when you first meet them?
Do you notice people's body language? What?
Do you ever flirt?
Do you have a special smile or any special facial expressions?

Do you know anyone with a mother complex? a father complex?
Who is the most important person in your life?
Do you greet your neighbors?
What kind of men do you hate? women?
Do people tend to gather around you and look to you as group leader?

Who is your best friend? What are they like? How did you meet?
How did you make your first friend at Aichi Gakuin University?
Who is your closest friend at school?
How close do your friends live to you? nearest? furthest?
Do you have many friends? a few close friends? boys or girls?
What different kinds of friends do you have?
What are their personalities like? What are their blood types?
Do you trust your friends?
Do you quarrel with them? about what?
Do you have any ping-pong friends?
Do you still see your high school friends? elementary school friends?
What friend do you respect most?

How often do you phone your friends? What time of day?
Do you like to party with your friends?
When you get together? What do you do? What do you talk about?
Do you ever take trips with your friends?

What type of person do you like as a friend? as a boyfriend or girl friend?
What type would you like as a husband or wife?

People date and fall in love.

When was your first love?
Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? on a first date?
Have you ever broken anyone's heart?
Has someone broken yours?
What kind of person do you always fall in love with?

If you had a boyfriend (girlfriend), would you tell people, or keep it secret?
Is there someone you love?
How many boyfriends (girlfriends) hav you had? Do you have one now?
How long have you been going together?
How long has it been since you broke up with your ex?
How did you meet them?
How and when did you know you were more than just friends?
Did you or your sweetheart confess their feelings? How?
Are there any (common sense or special) rules in your relationship?
Where do you go out on dates?
Do you date other people?
Do you think you might marry your boyfriend (girlfriend)?

Are you looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend? for summer?
How do you look for one?
Are you interested in a long term relationship? or just an experience?

Have you ever had a quarrel with a boyfriend (girlfriend)? broken up with one?

People get married.

Why do people get married?
Does marriage have a purpose?
Have you attended a wedding ceremony? a reception?
Did you given a speech? or perform?
Do you know any young people that are married?
How is it going? Do they seem happy?
Do you want to get married? soon? when?
Is there anything you want to do before you get married?

What kind of person would you like to marry?
What is important in a partner? age? income? a sense of humor?
Do you want to marry a foreigner?
Do you want to have an arranged marriage?

Do you want to have a marriage ceremony?
What kind of wedding would you like to have? Where?
Do you prefer a Shinto ceremony or a church wedding?

Do you want to live with your parents after you get married?
Are you willing to live with your spouse's parents?

What is love? How is it different from other personal relationships?
Do you think friendship can turn into love?
Do you hunger for love? Why is love important to people?
When was your first love (crush)?
Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
Is there anyone you are in love with right now?
How many boyfriends (girlfriends) have you had? Do you have one now?
Have any of your friends gotten married yet? How about your brothers, sisters, or cousins?
Do you know of anybody who has eloped?
Have you ever been disappointed in love? loved someone who didn't love you?
Have you ever told someone that you love them? What happened?
Have you ever written a love letter to someone?

Is dating in Japan casual or do you have to be a serious couple first?
When was your first date? With whom?
Where did you go? What did you do?
Where do (would) you like to go on dates?
How many boys (girls) have you gone out with?
What type of boy (girl) do you like?
Have you ever asked a boy out? (been asked out by a girl?)
If a stranger asked you for a date, what would you say?
What is the best date you ever had? the worst?

How old were your parents when they got married?
Have you ever attended a wedding?
Do you want to get married? When? Where? What time of the year?
Have you ever talked about marriage with your parents? with your friends?
Do you want to have an arranged marriage (omiai)?
What do you want in a future husband (wife)?
Which do you think is more important, love or money?
What do you think of international marriage? Do you want to marry a foreigner?
Would you like to have a lavish wedding? a quiet one?
What kind of a ceremony and reception do you want?
Do you want to wear a wedding dress?
Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?

How many children do you want?
What names would you like to give them?
What factors are important in choosing a name?
What names are the most popular? What do those names mean?

Married Life
How much money do you think you will need to get married?
Do you want to work after you get married?
Where do you want to live after you get married?
Do you want to live with your husband's (wife's) parents? your own parents?
Can you cook? What?

International Couples
Have you ever been to a foreign country?
Do you have any chances to meet foreigners? to make friends with them?
Do you have any foreign friends? Are they male, or female? What languages do they speak? Japanese?
Do you think Japanese women are more attractive than Western women?
Do you want a foreign boyfriend (or girlfriend)?
Do you find Western men attractive? Are you pleased if Western men find you attractive?
Do you prefer men with blond hair? black? brown? red hair? How about men that are starting to go bald? whose hair is starting to turn gray?
Are you bold enough to approach a foreigner and try talking with him (or her)?
Have you ever gone out with a foreigner? Have any of your friends? Did you have any language problems? any other problems?
Do you want to marry a foreign man? Which nationalites would you consider? would you prefer? What race?
Do you think your parents would approve, or oppose, an international marriage?
If you marry a foreigner do you want to live in Japan or outside of Japan?
What can we learn from international love?

Why are Western men attracted to Japanese women? What attracts them?
Do they find Japanese women equally attractive when they meet them outside of Japan?
Why don't Japanese men ask Western women out for a date?
Do you see international couples often? When? Where? Foreign man with a Japanese women, or Japanese man with a foreign woman?
Are there more international couples in Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto than in Nagoya?
What problems might an international couple have before marriage? after marriage? Be specific.
What other differences might there be for an international couple? Would there be any advantages?
Do you think the number of international marriages will increase?

International Marriage
Are foreign men and women different than Japanese men and women? How?
Are they more gentle? kinder? more talkative?

If you married a foreigner, do you think other people might treat you differently? Who? How? Would they treat your children differently?
Would you feel differently about yourself? How?
How would your parents and other relatives feel about your marrying a foreigner?
Would you change your last name to his? insist that he change his name? keep your own names? What names would the children use? What if you got divorced?
Would your spouse speak Japanese? What language would you speak at home? Which country would you live in? Would you mind living far away from friends and family?
How would your spouse communicate with your parents? your other relatives? How would you communicate with his? Would you be willing to live with his parents? Would you let his relatives visit you in Japan? stay in your house? How long?
What religion do you think your spouse might believe in? Would you join his religion? Would you insist that your spouse join your religion? Which religion would your children be raised to believe in?
What food would you eat for breakfast? lunch? dinner? Who would do the cooking?
What cultural differences do you think might cause problems?
If your British spouse wanted to drink afternoon tea, would you be mad? unhappy? Why?
What if your foreign spouse started to clean the floor with a "fukin"? or dried the dishes with a "hand towel"?

If you married an American, would you automatically become an American citizen? Would you lose your Japanese nationality?
Would it be easier to travel abroad? to go to America? Why? Where would you stay when visiting your spouse's country?
Would your children legally be Japanese? American? both? What passports would they need to travel abroad? Would they have to choose which nationality they want? When? What if they refused to choose?

If you lived in a foreign country with your spouse, what would you do all day? Stay at home? Go to school? Find a job? What kind of a job would you look for?
How often would you return to Japan? for how long? Would your children come with you? your spouse? Where would you stay?

International Children

Do you want to have a half-white child? a half-black child? a half-Asian child?
Have you seen any half-Japanese children? adults? What did you think of them?
Do you think life in Japan is more difficult for half-black children? for half-white children?
Do you watch Ainori? What do you think of Alex?
Is religion important to you? Would you marry a Christian? a Catholic? a Muslem? a Jew? a Buddhist? a Hindi? Do you have any preference? Are you scared of gaijin?
Would you marry a man who didn't speak Japanese? Would you be willing to learn a second foreign language, if your husband didn't speak English.
Would you be willing to move to a foreign country? How about a non-English speaking foreign country?

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