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Inventory of Plain S-V-O Verbs
a-e f-o p-z
admire 敬服する get on play 演じる、芝居をする
confess 自白、告白する host 司会をする prefer 好む
criticize 批判、非難するinfluence 影響与える、...を受けるrecord 記録、録画、録音する
decide 決める join 参加する ride 乗る
direct link 組む sit
embarrass make 予約 take place 行われる
feel 同性する、可愛そうと思うmeet work

Inventory of Other Verbs
S-V S-V S-V ... S-V-O
appear 出る、出現する go on 続く end 終わる
belong happen 偶然に start 始まる
comment 論評する (be) linked .
complain 不平を言う (be) related .

Movies in General
How often do you go to a theater to watch movies?
Do you prefer to watch them on TV? on DVD?
How many times have you seen a single movie?
How many DVDs have you seen in a single day?

Q1 What is your favorite movie theater? Where is it?

Do you make reservations? How? by Internet?
How much do movies cost? What discounts are available?
Where do you like to sit in a movie theater?
Who do you go to the movies with? family? high school friends?
When you go to a theater, do you eat while you watch the movie? What?
After watching a movie in a theater, do you also rent the DVD?

How do you decide which movie to see?
Do you prefer Japanese movies or American movies?
What is the English title of Se-ka-chu? Mimi wo Sumaseba?
Do you prefer English movies to be subtitled or dubbed?
Can you understand the English? How much?

Kinds of Movies
Have you seen any psychological movies, like Vanilla Sky?
Did you see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ?
Do you think there was a message for the audience? Or were they just weird?
Do you like horror films? Ju-on? Battle Royale?
Or do you prefer love stories like The Girl Next Door or Love Actually?
What other kinds of movies are there?
Can you name three science fiction movies?
Do you like animated movies better than action movies? Why?

Have you ever seen a French movie? a Chinese movie? a movie from India?
Which makes more movies? Hollywood or Bollywood?
Have you ever seen a movie from Africa?

Actors and Directors
What movies has Bruce Willis appeared in? Elijah Wood? Kevin Costner?
Who is your favorite actor or actress?
Are you interested in Nicole Kidman? Penelope Cruz?
What actor were they both romantically linked to?
Do you know Halle Berry? any other black actresses or actors?
What child actor played the part of Forrest Gump's son?

Q2 What other foreign actesses and actors do you know?

What actors have gone on to become movie directors?
Which actors and directors won Oscars at this year's Academy Awards?

General Questions about a Specific Movie
What is the first movie you ever watched? How old were you then?
What is the most recent movie you've watched?

Q3 What is the best movie you've ever watched? the worst?

Which of Hayao Miyazaki's movies do you like the best? which Disney movie?
Which Harry Potter movies have you seen?
Can you remember their titles? Harry Potter and ... what?
How about the first movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy? the second? the third?
Has any movie made you cry? laugh out loud?

Have you seen One Piece? Star Wars? Last Samurai? Terminator? Titanic? Matrix? Lord of the Rings? Troy? I Am Legend? Back to the Future?

How many times have you seen it? When?
Where did you watch the movie? With whom?
What kind of movie was it?
Where and when does the story take place?
How does the movie start?
What characters appeared? What actors and actresses?
What other movies have these people appeared in?
What other movies has that director directed?
Was the movie exciting?

Q4 What were your favorite scenes?

Which character do you like the best? hate the most?
Was the movie difficult to understand?
Were you deeply moved? Why?
What impresses you the most about it?
Did you learn anything from this movie?
Did it influence you in any way?

Q5 How does it end?

Is this movie a true story?
What was so special about the Titanic?
Who was Jack? Rose? Molly?
What scenes did you like best? the Flying Scene?
What happened in the last scene?
What happened to Rose at the end of the story?

Where did the title of the movie come from?
Who appeared in the movie?
Who sang the theme song?
Who went up into space? Why? Where did they land?
What scenes did you like best?

Limit of Love: Umizaru
Which character do you like the best?
Did anything about the story impress you? What?

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