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Is music a big part of your life? Do you listen to music every day?
Have you ever written or composed a song?

What different kinds of music are there?
Q1 Which kinds do you and your friends like best?

Do you listen to different kinds of music according to your mood?
When do you listen to reggae?
What kinds of music do you dislike? hip hop? enka?

When did you start listening to music? Whose music?
When and where do you like to listen to music? at home? in the car?
Do you listen to music when you go to bed? when you get up in the morning?
Do you do anything while listening?
What musicians can you name? Which do you like the best?
What's the difference between a concert and a live performance?

Have you ever gone to a concert? Whose? Where?
Q2 How much did it cost?

Did you buy anything at the concert?
Do you like dance music?
Have you ever been to a (night) club? gone dancing?
Who is a better dancer, Beyonce or Kumi Koda?
What music TV programs do you watch? MTV?
What Christmas songs do you know?
Which group do you like best--Exile, Chemistry, or Orange Range?
Which do you like better, Hilary Duff or Kelly Clarkson? Ayu or Ku-chan?
Are there any Japanese singers like Avril Lavigne? Eminem? Daniel Powter?

    Hikaru Utada

    Mai Kuraki


Who do you think will get the Prize for Best Record this year?
How do you find out about new songs?
What are the current top singles in the United States? Great Britain? Japan?
Do you watch Music Station? Hey, Hey, Hey? Uta Ban?
Do you listen to movie sound tracks?

Do you have your own MD player? i-pod?
Do you rent CDs or buy them?
How many songs do you have on your computer?
Which do you prefer CDs or MDs?
Do you have any records or cassette music tapes?
What was the first CD you ever bought?

Q3 Have you or your friends bought or rented any CDs recently?

Do you have any old CDs that you don't want anymore?
Do you buy music magazines?
Where do you buy CDs? Which do you like better HMV or Tower Records?
How often do you rent CDs? singles?
Do you have a tape player or CD player in your car?

Musical Memories

Q4 Are there any songs which bring back memories for you? What song?

What memory?

When was the song popular?
Who sang the song?
What songs did you listen to in elementary school? junior high? high school?
Do you have any favorite songs?
What do you like about them?
Are there any songs you dislike? Why?
What songs did your parents like when they were young? now?
Have you heard them sing? What songs?
What song do you want to listen to when you are driving with your boyfriend?
Has anyone every written a song for you?

Singing and Humming

Q5 When and where do you like to sing?

How often do you sing karaoke?
Q6 Who do you go with? Where do you go?

What songs do you like to sing?
Have you ever been to karaoke with your family?
Do you want to audition as a singer or take part in a singing contest?
Who do you think is the best singer in this class?
Do you ever hum to yourself? When? Where? What songs?
Did you like music class in high school? What did you do?
What part did you sing in music class? alto? suprano?

Q7 Can you sing any English songs?

Do you want to have a music class here at Aichi Gakuin?
Do you change the words to songs (kae uta)?

Music Theory
Have you ever studied music? What do you remember?
Can you sing the do-re-mi song?
If "do" is C, what is "so"? How many "do"s are there?

Q8 If a vibrating string produces "do", what note will be produced by a similar string of half the length?

one-third the length? one-quarter the length? one-fifth the length?









= ?

7th = ?
5th = ?
4th = ?







= do


2/3 of the length? 3/4? 4/5? 3/5?

Q9 What chord do you get if you play do, mi, and so together in the key of C?

fa so la ti do re mi fa so

la, do, and mi? fa, la, and do? so, ti, and re? so, ti, re, and fa?

Can you read sheet music?
What major key has two flats? two sharps?
Do you know how to play a C chord on a piano keyboard? an F chord? a G chord? an Am chord?
Can you play any chords on a guitar? What chords?

English Music
List ten songs. Who sings them? What genre of music are they?
Have you ever studied any English songs? Which songs?
Have you ever sung English songs at karaoke?
Do you have any favorite foreign music groups or singers?
Do you know Daniel Powter? <>Which group do you like better, Maroon 5 or Black Eyed Peas?

List six musical instruments. Pick one.

Q10 How does it make sounds? change pitch?

Have you played any of them? wanted to play any? Why?
Have you bought an instrument? rented one? Where? How much?
If you played an instrument, how many years? Do you still play it?
When and where do you practice?
How often and how long do you practice?
What songs do you play?

Q11 How do you learn new songs?

Have you ever played in a band?
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional musician?
Have you made an original tape?
Have you ever seen a musical performed? The Phantom of the Opera?

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