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Inventory of Plain S-V-O Verbs
a-e f-q r-z
believe 信じる fascinate (魅惑, 魅了する (re-)read 朗読する
browse 立ち読みする impress 感動する rip 破る
buy 買う look for 探す spend 過ごす, 費やす
captivate 虜にする look up 調べる, 引く take 持って行く
check out mean 意味する take (time)
create 考案する own 認める translate 翻訳する
draw 描く prefer より ... の方が好きです win 獲得する
exchange 交換する publish 出版する write 書く

Inventory of Other Verbs
S-V S-V S-V ... S-V-O
(get) absorbed differ 異なる change
(be) based fall (asleep) .
correspond originate .

This novel fascinated (魅惑する) many people.

Mr. Sato created (考案する) this story.

Do you like to read?

Q1 What are some of the purposes for reading?

Q2 Have you learned anything from reading? What?

Do you think reading is useful?
Are you a bookworm? How much do you read?
Is there a reading season? When?
Which do you prefer reading books or poetry?
Do people in your family like to read?
Have you ever ripped a page in a book? What did you do about it?
Do you ever cry as much when reading as you do when watching a sad movie?
Have you read any of Natsume Souseki's works?

What do you read? books? magazines? comics?

Q3 What reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) do you use? How often?

Q4 Have you ever read a foreign book in the original language? in translation?

Which do you like better, fiction or non-fiction?
Do you like long stories or short stories?
Do you like to read love stories? detective stories? novels?
Do you like science fiction? crime novels?
Which do you prefer Japanese or foreign novels?
What are the greatest works in of Western literature? the first novel in English?
What month is (Inter)national Novel Writing Month?
literary movements have you heard of?
Do you read recipe books? sales catalogs?
Have you ever read an English newspaper? magazine? book?

When and where do you read?

Q5 What do you think of browsing in book stores (tachi-yomi)?

Do you read whole books or magazines without buying them?

Do you often go to the library? Which library?
When do you have time to read?
Did you read anything in the train today? a book? a magazine?
What advertisements did you see?
Have you ever read in the bathroom while sitting on the toilet?
Have you ever read a book all day long? all night long?
What time of the day do you read?
Have you ever fallen asleep while reading?
Do you read before you go to bed?

How do you read?

Q6 What do you do when you come across a Japanese word that you don't know, do you look it up in a dictionary? How about an English word you don't know?

Is reading important to you?
Did you read a lot as a child?
How fast do you read? How long does it take you to read a book?
Do young people read enough these days?
Do you ever get absorbed in your reading?
Have you ever read a book with someone else?
Do you ever read aloud? in front of an audience?

Who are your favorite writers?

Q7 Who are some famous novelists or other writers?

What books did these authors write?
Do you know Shusaku Endo?
How many writers who have won the Nobel Prize in Literature can you name? the Akutagawa Prize?
Who won the Nobel in 1994? in 1968?
Who won the Akutagawa last year?
Who is the most popular author in Japan?

What is a light novel?

Have you read Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami?
Have you read Kino's Journey by Keiichi Shigusawa?
Have you read Kara no Kyoukai by Kinko Nasu?

any novels by Miyabe Miyuki?
any novels by Risa Wataya?

Do you like Yoshimoto Banana?
Do you like Hiro Arikawa?

Toriyama Akira?
Keigo Higashino?

Fujiwara Masahiko?

Have you read any books by Momoko Sakura?
Have you read any of the Missing series by Gakuto Coda?

Have you read anything by Ryu Murakami?
Have you read the novel Goth?
Have you read the novel Confessions (=Kokuhaku)?

What are some books that have impressed you?

Q8 Have you read any biographies? Whose?

Q9 How many books have you read since entering college?

What books are current best sellers?
Have you read Sekachu? Harry Potter? Jurassic Park? The Phantom of the Opera? The Lord of the Rings?
Which of the books in the series did you like the best?
Did any of the movies change the story that was in the book?
What did you think of them?
What is the most impressive book you have ever read?
What book are you reading now?
Has a book ever made you cry or laugh?
Have you ever re-read a book? What book? Why?
What book do you want to read next?
Do you like picture books?
Have you ever read the Bible?
What were your favorite books when you were a child?
Did you read fairytales--like Momotaro, Urashima Taro, or Cinderella?
How about Guri and Gura (ぐりとぐら), Charlotte's Web, or stories by Dr. Seuss?

Have you read of any "disclosure" books?
Do you like mystery novels?
How is Japanese literature different from English literature? Chinese literature?
Have you read any from French literature? Spanish literature?

Do you have a favorite or memorable story?
What were the characters names? What was the setting (= time and place)?
What happened at the beginning? in the middle? at the end?

What kinds of news do you like to read about?
What do you think of people who read newspapers on trains?
What section of the newspaper do you first turn to in the morning?
Which newspaper do you get?
Do you get the Asahi Shinbun? the Yomiuri Shinbun? Which edition, the morning paper or the evening paper?

Songs and Poems

Q10 Do you read the lyrics of songs?

Do you like poetry?
Do you read music magazines?
Have you ever written poetry?
Which do you prefer, Japanese poetry or western poetry?
What poems have you read?

Movies and Plays

Q11 Have you ever read a play?

Have you read any books based on movies? or that have become movies?
Have you read Death Note? Sin City?
Did you read the book before or after watching the movie?
Are there sometimes differences between the movie and the written story?
Who is your favorite playwright?


Q12 What magazine articles have you recently read?

What kinds of magazines are there? Name them.
What books or magazines have you bought recently?
Have you read Friday magazine?
What do you think of gossip magazines?
Which do you prefer Cutie or JJ? ViVi or CanCam?
What do the names of these magazines mean?
Do you read your fortune in magazines or the newspaper?
Do you beleive the news in weekly magagines?
What weekly magazines do you read? Josei Jishin?
Do you often read "Town Work" or "Docan"?

What is the origin of Japanese comics?
How are manga different from Western comicbooks?
What is a graphic novel?
What are some similarities and differences between josei comics and shojo comics? seinen comics?

What comics are the most popular?
When you were a child what did you read? Ribon? Nakayoshi? Ciao?
What comics do you like now?
Do you collect comics? How many do you have?
Do you ever read Weekly Young Jump? Young Animal? Shonen Sunday?
What do you think of manga cafes?
When you go to a "comicbook coffee shop", how long do you stay? How many books do you read?

What stories have become popular? Bokura ga Ita? Gokusen?
What is the English title for Hana Yori Dango? for Kimi wa Pet?
Do you know the story in BECK? Honey and Clover? Touch? Nana? Sailor Moon?
Have you read Rurouni Kenshin? Saiunkoku Monogatari? The Rose of Versailles?
Which of Fujiko Fujio's comics do you like?
Have you ever read Doraemon? Secret of Sazae-san? Dragon Ball?

Book Stores and Libraries

Q13 What do you do with the books and magazines you've read?

Where do you buy books?
When is the last time you bought a book?
How much do books and magazines cost?
What is the most expensive book you have ever bought?
How many books do you own?
How much do you spend on books a month?
Have you ever been to a used book store?
What is the best library in Nagoya? Why?
Do you prefer hard backs or paper backs?
Have you ever checked a book out of the university library?
Have you ever given someone a book as a present? gotten a book as a present?

Writing and Reading

Q14 Have you ever read someone else's diary? Whose diary would you like to read if you could?

Have you ever written a book report?
Do you correspond regularly or exchange diaries with anyone?
Do you write stories or poems? Who reads them?
Have you ever had anything you've written published?

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