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Fields and Theories
Has scientific progress been good for mankind? for the Earth?
What have been some major steps in "scientific progress"?
What sciences or fields of science can you name?
What theories or discoveries are they known for?
What is the Theory of Relativity? Who thought of it?
What is the theory of gravity? Who thought of that?
How many chemical elements can you name? chemical formula?
What medicines can you name?
What is the theory of evolution? Where did mankind come from? When?
What are the most important inventions in history? Who invented them?
What are the most dangerous scientific discoveries? the most beneficial?
Why does the sky appear to be blue?
How do we hear sound? What is sound?
How do planes fly?
How fast do horses, bicycles, cars, trains, planes, and rockets go?
What weapons has science created?
How does an atomic bomb work?
What do you think of nuclear power?
What is global warming? What is causing it?
What kinds of stars are there?
Are all planets round? Why?
What chemical (molecular) formula do you know?
What is the formula for ozone? for alcohol, the kind you drink? for table salt?
What are atoms made of?
What is the difference between atoms? isotopes of the same atom? an atom and its ions?

What scientists can you name? Japanese? Chinese? Western?
What do you know about them--their work and their lives?
Have any of them won the Nobel Prize? for what?
Who thought of atomic theory? What are atoms made of?
Who organized the periodic table of elements?
What did Thomas Edison invent?

Interest and Opinions
Have you been to any science museums? Where?
Do you read science fiction? What?
Are you interested in planets? stars? Can you name any?
Do you watch any TV programs about science? What?
Have you read any books or magazines about science? What?
Are you afraid of World War III?
Do you think there is life on other planets? intelligent life? UFOs?

Observation and Experiment
Have you ever studied science? When?
Do you remember performing any experiments? What?
Did you choose science in high school? Why?
Do you have a telescope? a microscope?
Have you ever watched the Leonid meteor showers?
Have you ever worn a white lab coat?
Have you ever wanted to become a scientist?
Were you ever a member of an science club?

Science Grammar.

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