Sports and Exercise

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What sports can you name?
What sumo wrestler do you like? volleyball player?
Have you ever worn a "hakama"?
Have you ever been persecuted by the upperclassmen on your team?
When did you play sports for the first time? What sport?
Do you watch K-1?
Do you dance for exercise?
Did you buy a new bathing suit this year?
Have you ever tried skydiving? scuba diving?

Do you watch volleyball games?
Which of the volleyball players do you like? Why?
Which team won the football game, Aichi Gakuin or Nagoya Gakuin?
Who is the coach?
Did you watch the boxing match?
Do you like Joichiro Tatsuyoshi?

What sports do you like to play? to watch? to bet on?
What sports do you hate? Why?
What wheelchair sports do you know?
What sports do you play? How long have you played them?
What's fun about them? What's difficult?
Do you wear contacts or glasses when you play?
What sport would you like to take up next?
Have you ever practiced sumo wrestling? karate? kendo? judo? tai'chi?
What rank (kyu or dan) do you have?
What clubs have you belonged to?
Did you play on a team? What is the name of the team? What was your position?
Have you ever gone to a swimming school? tennis school? When?
Do you know how to throw a frisbee?
Do you know how to snowboard? ski? skate?
Where do you go skiing, skating, or snowboarding?
Have you ever gone mountain climbing? hiking? sailing? Where?
Have you ever gone sky diving? gliding? hang-gliding? para-gliding?

How fast can you run? swim? How far can you run? swim?
How far can you throw a softball? How fast can you pitch?

Have you ever injured yourself while playing a sport or while exercising?
Have you ever broken a bone?
Do you ever get cramps?

What professional teams do you like?
Who is your favorite professional athlete in each sport?
Do you prefer to watch high school baseball or professional baseball?
How many baseball teams can you name? soccer teams? basketball teams? volleyball teams?
Which teams do you think will will the championships this year?

What exercises can you name?
What do you do for exercise?
How many push ups, sit-ups, or pull-ups can you do?
Do you do any weight training? What exercises?
How much weight can you bench press?
How often and how far do you ride your bicycle? What color is it?
Have you ever tried to unicycle?
Do you exercise at night before you go to bed? What exercises?

The Beach
What beach did you go to?
Was the water clean?
What did you do at the beach?
Who drove the car?
What kind of car was it?
Was the beach crowded?
What was the weather like that day?
Did you surf well? stand up on the board? wipe out?
Did you get sunburned?
Did your skin peel?

How many yokozuna wrestlers are there? Where are they from?
When did they begin their sumo wrestling careers?
What what will they do after retirement?
What wrestlers came from Hawaii?
What are they doing now?

Do you watch professional baseball? high school baseball?
What do you know about the baseball draft?
Which Japanese players do you like? foreign players?
Do you remember Cromartie?
Which players have gone from Japanese pro ball to the Major Leagues?
Which baseball team chose Kawaguchi?
What do you think about Kawaguchi's joining Orix?
What do you think about baseball players who cheated on their taxes?
How did they cheat?

Soccer Games
Do you know the rules of soccer?
Which soccer players do you like?
How do you like the Japanese team's uniforms?
Did you watch the match between Japan and Iran?
Did Japan win? What was the score?
How do you think the Japanese team will do?
Who scored the winning goal?
Who is the captain of the team?
What country is favored to win?

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