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Inventory of Plain S-V-O/C Verbs
a-d e-r s-z
approach exchange satisfy
ask out forget search
attach have send
celebrate look up smoke
dance lose spend
download miss start
drink protest stop
. receive wear

Inventory of Other Verbs
S-V S-V S-V ... S-V-O
appear look forward change
become remain .
behave stay .
die out talk .
hang out text .

He often downloads (ダウンロード) music files to his cellphone.

The students exchanged (交換する) e-mail addresses.

He forgot (忘れる) his promise to his family.

Young people hang out (ブラブラする) in Sakae.

They dance (踊る) while singing (歌う) karaoke.

He has (持っている) a lot of comicbooks.

We all look forward (期待する, 楽しみにする) to vacation.

He lost (失う, 失くす) his subway pass.

I missed (乗り遅れる) the 4:30 bus.

I made (失敗する) a mistake.

The young man protested (主張する) his innocence.

The small boy received (受け取る) a bike for Christmas.

He talked (話す) to me yesterday.

She stayed (滞在する) in a small town in America.

His explanation satisfied (満たされる) her curiosity.

He searched (捜す) for her in the park.
I searched (探す) for the word in my French dictionary.

I sent (帰す) her home by train.
I send (送る) Xmas cards to my relatives.
Young people hardly ever send (送る) letters to their friends.

He smokes (吸う) heavily.

I spent (過ごす) two weeks in Okinawa.
I spend (費やす) a lot of time reading.
She spent (使う) a lot of money.

School starts (始まる) in April.
She started (始める) to knit a sweater.
Many young people start (始める) smoking (吸う) at an early age.

The bus is stopping (止まりかける).
He stopped (止める) to enter () the bookstore.

I wear (着る) a coat in winter.
She will wear (着る) a kimono for her seijinshiki ceremony.

People are different.
How are young people and their parents different?
Do they behave differently?
Where do people in their 20s hang out? people in their 30s? 40s? 50s?
What do they do on weekends?
Do they go to the same shops? wear the same clothes?
Do they have the same hair styles?
Do they go to the same bars? drink the same drinks?

Have you been to a manga cafe? a maid cafe?
Have you been to Akihabara? Shibuya?
Are those places for young people? What did you do there?
Are there similar places in Nagoya?
Do your friends have pierced ears? tatoos? long hair? dyed hair?
How about your parents?
What is "gal fashion"? At about what age do people start and stop wearing this fashion?
Is Nagoyamaki popular? What about short skirts? What else?
What do young people carry around with them that older adults do not?
Are there different kinds of youth culture? sub-cultures?

People send messages.
How long do you spend on your cellphone each day?
Are you a cellphone expert?
Have you ever lost or forgotten your cellphone? How did you feel?
Do you talk more or text more?
Do you attach photos? send decoration mail?
Do you download music? search the Internet?
Which is better music on your cellphone, or an i-pod?
Have you read a cellphone novel?
Do you often exchange information via infrared signals?
Do your parents do any of these things?
Have you received any anonymous requests to be a mail friend?

People go online.
How much time do you spend online?
Have you ever gone to an Internet cafe?
Do you get a lot of e-mail? spam?
Do you have your own website? a blog?
Are you a member of Mixi? Facebook? Twitter?
When did you start? Why?
Do you use Wikipedia? What words do you look up?
Do you watch U-tube videos on the Internet?
Do you shop online? make reservations?
Do you have any music on your computer? any photos?

People want to have fun.
What kinds of parties do young people go to? middle-aged people?
Do college students drink a lot of beer? or do they prefer other drinks?
Do they stay out late at night? Where do they go? What do they do?
Do you spend much time in game centers? Do you go bowling?
If you miss the last subway, where do you stay? a karaoke box?
Do young people gamble? on what? horses?
What kind of dances do young people do? break dancing? what else?
What kind of dancing is for older people?

When you do out to eat, do you go to MacDonald's? Yama-chan?
Is fast food for young people?

Do young people play pranks on each other? on older people?
What kind of pranks are best? most popular?

Do young people and their parents listen to different music?
Do they play different video games? read different books and magazines?
Who reads CanCam? AneCam? What do older women read?
Do they watch different TV programs? movies?

Parents watch their children.
What does your parents generation think about young people?
What do young people think about their parents?
Do you think of yourself as an adult?
If not, are you looking forward to becoming one?

Things change.
Does youth culture change from one generation to the next?
Do any aspects remain constant? or change very slowly?
Is プリクラ still popular? When was the last time you took one?
Can you dance ぱらぱら?
What are おたく? How long have they been around?

People express ideas with language.
Is young people's language different?

What slang expressions do only young people use?
Do they change quickly?
What does きもい mean? KY? もえ?
Are you あきば part?
What people is あげは like?
How do young people use the word やばい?
What do older people say instead of まじで?

1. Is young people's language different?

    Hit: Yes, it is.

    1st: Young people say yabai for oishii and maji de for honto. Panee means non odd.
    2nd: We shorten words: KY means kuki yomenai, JK is joshi kosei (a high school girl), and ake-ome means happy New Year.
    3rd: But they lengthen others such as desune or da yo ne.
    4th: Their speech is not polite. For example, they use aitsu for anata (sama).

2. Have you ever gone to an Internet cafe?

    Hit: Yes, I often go.

    1st: I play computer games on the Internet or watch music videos on U-tube.
    2nd: There are a lot of comics there, too.
    3rd: Actually I spend more time reading comics than using the computer.
    4th: When I stay a long time I order meals there, and if it's late I stay overnight like it's a hotel.

What is youth culture?
Do you get an allowance? How much?

Q1 Who are the leaders of young culture in this class?

What are the worst examples of youth culture? the best?
What kinds of theme parks are popular with young people?

Q2 Where can we see cool young people?

Where do you go to eat? How often do you eat fast food?

Fads and Trends
What is your "boom" now?
What things and activities have become popular recently?
What fads and crazes from the past have died out?

What subcultures exist within Japan?
How are their values and behavior different from the mainstream culture?
How have subcultures changed since the 1970s or 1990s?
Is there any youth movement like the hippies or beatniks of previous generations?

What do you think of high school girls? of ko-gyaru?
Is drug use becoming popular? What drugs?
How about tattoos?
What do you think about dancing and drinking all night?

Q3 Why do so many teenagers smoke? young women?

Have you ever been to a club? ID Cafe? Cream? Club Mago? Ageha?
Did you dance? para para?
What kind of music was playing? trance music?
Is there a difference between a discotheque and a nightclub?
What is Jibetallion? What do you think of Jibeta-zoku?

Q4 Do you do yosakoi street dancing? Does anyone you know play guitar or sing at a train station?

Political Activity and Protest
Are young people interested in politics?
Are they satisfied with the political and economic systems?
Do they vote and voice their opinions in some other way?
Do any young people protest against the establishment?
Do they take any actions or break laws to protest injustice?

Entertainment and Free Time
What do you do with your friends everyday?
Who is Ken Shimura? What do you think about him?
Do you want to go to a university festival? Which?
What images of youth culture appear on TV news?
How do you celebrate various holidays?
Have you ever gone for a drive? Where? When? With who?
Do kyaba-kura representatives ever approach you and want to talk?
Do you like "visual" rock bands?
Do boys and girls often flirt? go on dates?
Do boys always ask girls out? Do girls ever ask boys out?
How have relationships changed since your parents were young and single?

Q5 Do you go out with friends at night? Which nights? What do you do?

How often do you go singing karaoke? What songs? English?

Idols and Role Models
What do you think of the Komuro family?
At what age do you want to get married?
Do you like Takao Osawa? Masaharu Fukuyama?

Q6 Who is your role model? Ayu? Miho Kanno? Hitomi? BoA?

Toys and Games
Do you have a yoyo? Play Station? a tamagotchi?
How often do you go to a Game Center?
What games do you play? road race? air hockey? UFO catcher?

The Generation Gap
Who belongs to today's youth culture? What ages are included?
What are some of the differences between young people and their parents?
Can older people understand today's youth?

Q7 What might parents find hard to understand about their children?

Do you live with your grandparents?
When do young people become adults?
Do you have a different way of thinking from your parents?

Q8 Do your parents ever scold you about anything? What?

Is young people's language different? How?
Do high school girls speak differently? like gangsters?

Q9 What does o-ha mean? mori-mori? mukatsuku? darui? uzai? kokuru?

What other expressions can you think of?

Diverse Youth Cultures
Is there a difference between high school girls and college girls?
How are young people of the 21st century different from young people ten years ago?
What causes youth culture to change?
How is youth culture in Japan different from other countries?
Are there different youth cultures according to regions or social status?
Do you have your own culture?
Are young people better or worse than ten years ago?

Do you ever offer your seat to older people?
Do you see young people spit in public? throw trash on the ground?

Did you have your ears pierced? cartilage pierce?
Have you dyed your hair? at what age? How about your parents?
Do you like boys with long hair?
Do you have natural eyebrows? Do your male friends?
Do you wear tinted contact lenses?
What fashion magazines are popular with young people?
Did you wear loose socks in high school? kon-loose socks? Do you still have them?
How long will "loose socks" remain in fashion?
What do you think of high school boys using make-up?
What do you think about body piercing? dyed hair? high heeled shoes?
Have you noticed young people wearing strange or unusual clothing?
Do you or your friends ever wear Gothic and Lolita ("gossu rori" in Japanese, pronounced "go slowly") fashion? When? Where?

Hello Kitty and Pooh

Q10 What character goods do you have?

When did you first notice it?
Which do you like better, Hello Kitty or Winnie the Pooh?
How about My Melody or Pocchakko?
Have you read any Winnie the Pooh stories? seen any videos?

Print Club
How often do you take print club photos?
When do you take print club photos?
What do you do with them then?
How long will print club photo seals continue to be popular?
How many print club seals do you have?
Have you ever taken stamp club?
What is your best print club photo?
Where do you put your print club photos? those that you get from friends?

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