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I haven't been teaching any writing classes since 2015 (Global English Writing II and Writing III). The main difference between speaking and writing is that you have time to read and think about your writing (content and grammar) and then rewrite it. For foreign students, writing and speaking in English start out the same way, you have to decide (a) what to say--often in your native language and (b) how to put it into English. Students should continue listening to English and practicing their speaking skills in order to improve their writing.

There are two broad catagories of content for speaking or writing: topics OR events. In my Writing II class we spent the spring term writing about topics. We wrote essays, based on videos the students had watched (These essays could also be used, by the way, for speeches). In the fall term we wrote stories (a series of events), based on short scenes from the TV mini-series Fresno.

The Writing III class covered the basics of research writing. First students wrote about historical figures, based on videos they had watched. They had to note which video their information came from and the approximate time (example: #t=13m44s) that information appeared. This gave them the basic story line and lots of listening practice. The video information could then be treated as rumor, which the students would research on the Internet, using webpages in their own language. They could then rewrite the paper as a research paper giving in-text citiations and full citiations in their reference section.

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