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Inventory of Plain S-V-O Verb
a-c d-q r-z
apply decide read 読む
borrow 借りる dye 染める、染みつけるspend
bother 困る embarrass .
buy 買う make .
choose 選ぶ own 所有する、持つ tie 結ぶ
concern pay 支払う try しようとする
try on 試着する
consider 考える、思う、感じるpierce 穴を空けるuse 使う
cost 掛かる prefer の方が好む wash 洗う
cut 切る . .
get dressed
get rid
make off
make up
take=wear (size)
take off 脱ぐ
keep 維持する
keep up 遅れずについて行
put on 着る、身につける
put back 片付ける
wear 着る、履く、被る
wear out ぼろぼろに成る

Inventory of Other Verbs
S-V S-V S-V ... S-V-O
feel 肌ざわりが keep up 遅れずについて行 change 衣替える
get dressed sleep .
get rid of 捨てる worry 悩む、困る .

She changed (着替えさせる) the babies diapers.

Ryo Ishikawa influenced (影響与える) Wataru's father's taste in clothes.

The wine stained (染められる) my white dress

My brother Daichi pestered (せがむ) my mother to buy him some new shoes.

I poked (空ける) a hole in my sweater.

I wash (洗う) my hair every night with shampoo.

I can't tie (締める、結ぶ、繋ぐ) my own necktie.
My girlfriend Misa ties (締める、結ぶ、繋ぐ) her hair back with a ribbon.

I spend (使う、) a lot of time to choose what clothes to buy.
I spent (費やす) 15,000 yen on new clothes.

It takes (掛かる) time to do a good job.

My friend Ken reads (読む) this fashion magazine.

I decided (決める、決心する) to buy () more clothes.

I tried (しようとする) to buy (買う) a fukubukuro at Parco.

In fall people change (変える、着替える) from short-sleeve to long-sleeve shirts.

I took off (脱ぐ) my sweaty shirt and put on (着る) a clean new one.

I have used (使う) this wallet for a long time.
My mother often uses (使う) a credit credit when she shops.

Are you concerned about clothes?
Why do people even bother to wear clothes?
When did you begin to worry about fashion?
What designs or patterns do you like?
Do you have a favorite?
Have you ever been embarrassed by the clothes you wore?
When do you dress up?
At what age did you start to choose your own clothes?
What do you look for when you buy clothes?
What color clothes do you have a lot of?
Do you want to keep up with the fashion trends?
Does anyone borrow clothes from you?

What clothes look good on you? on other boys? girls?
What do you think of your teachers' clothes?
Which teacher is the best dressed? the worst?
What student or teacher do you think is fashionable?
How many different fashion styles have you worn?
What is Street Fashion? What do you think of it?
What clothes are a must-have this season?
Have you ever been to a fashion show?

How often do you go shopping for clothes?
How much do you spend on clothes each month?
What are the most expensive clothes you ever bought?
What brand of clothes do you like?
What is your favorite brand of jeans?
Do you buy clothes at UNIQLO?
How about the clothes you have on now?
Where did you buy them? How much did they cost?
Do you have any favorite clothes shops? tailor shop?
How much did that ring cost?
When did you buy those shoes?
Has anyone bought clothes for you? jewelry?

Where do you usually get your hair cut?
When did you last get a haircut?

Deciding What to Wear
What is your basic style?
Do you like to get dressed up?

Q1. What kind of clothes do you wear when you go out?

How many layers of clothes do you wear in the winter? summer?
Which do you prefer, summer clothes or winter clothes?
Do you ever wear a uniform?
Do you often wear a suit?
How many suits do you own? How many neckties?
Do you know how to tie a necktie? half windsor? full windsor?

Q2. Do you ever borrow clothes? From who?

Have you ever made your own clothes? designed them?
Did your mother or grandmother make your clothes when you were a child?
How long does it take you to get dressed?
What do you wear at home around the house?

How and when do you decide what to wear?
What do your parents think about the clothes you wear?

Q3. Do you own any hats? How often and when do you wear them?

Do your clothes always feel comfortable?
What materials do you like to wear?
What color clothes do you like? light or dark?
Do you like bright colors or subdued colors?
Do you have a lucky color? What color is it?
What patterns do you like? solids? stripes? checks?
Do you like plaid? polka dots? flower patterns?
Which do you prefer, skirts or pants?
Are pants hot in the summer?
What length of skirt do you like to wear?
Do you like jeans? What color? How often do you wash them?
Which do you prefer, sneakers or boots?
Do you prefer gloves or mittens?

Your Wardrobe
How many closets do you have at home?
Do you have enough clothes? How much would you need to be satisfied?
What types of coats, shoes, boots, sweaters are there?
How many caps or hats do you have?
Have you tried wearing a camisole? How was it?
How many pairs of pants do you have? skirts?

Q4. How many pairs of shoes do you have? What kinds of shoes do you have? highheels?

How many dresses do you have?
Have you ever worn a hakama? a kimono?

Who is the most fashionable person in your family? in this class?
How often do you change your fashion? your image?
Do you pay attention to fashion? Fashion shows?
Where do you get your fashion news?
What fashion magazines do you read? buy?
Do you read some fashion magazine regularly?
What is "mode" fashion? Kogyaru fashion?
What is Punk fashion? Lolita fashion? Gothic fashion?
What other fashions are there?
What clothes are coming into fashion now? going out of fashion?
Do you prefer the open-collar look? the buttoned-down look?
What do you think of "pair look"?
Do you have any animal skin design clothes? leopard? zebra? cow?
Do you like traditional Japanese clothes? Do you want to wear "juni hitoe"?
What about the traditional clothes in other countries? sari? china dresses? chima jeogori?

Q5. What kind of fashion do you hate?

What clothes are considered feminine? masculine?
Do you like any particular brands of clothes?

Q6. Do you have any brand items with you now?

Have loose socks gone out of fashion?
What do you think of slit skirts?
What kind of hats are popular this year?
What fashion was popular this summer?
Do you feel cold in the winter when you wear a muffler?
Who decides what will be fashionable?
What fashions have been popular in the past?
What do you think the next big fashion will be?
How long do you think you'll wear the clothes you have on now? When will you get rid of them?

Hair, Nails, and Jewelry
Do you wear costume jewelry? What?
Is there any jewelry that you always wear?
Do you have any synthetic cut stones?
Which do you prefer, silver or gold jewelry?

Q7. What rings, bracelets, or necklaces are you wearing now?

Have you ever made your own jewelry?

Are your ears pierced? How many holes? When did you have them pierced?
What do you think about do-it-yourself piercing kits?

Q8. Have any of your friends had their bodies pierced?
Do any of your friends have tatoos? What about you?

Do you want a real tattoo, illustration, or letter? Where?

What hairstyle is in fashion now?
Does your school or workplace have any rules about hair?
How often do you go to a beauty salon or barber shop?
Do you sleep while your hair is being cut?
What kind of hair style do you like? long or short? curly or straight?
Loose curls? wolf cut?
Do you want to change your hair style? to what? Why?
Have you ever dyed your hair? What color?

Q9. Do you have any gray hairs? split ends? What do you do about them?

Do you have your hair permed? How often?

Are you anxious about make-up?

Q10. What kinds of make-up do you use? In what order do you apply them?

How long does it take you to put on your make-up?
What kind of cosmetics do you want to buy?
Do you change your make-up to match your fashion?
What color lipstick do you like?
Do you use nail polish? What colors?
Do you change your nail polish to match your clothes?
Have you tried nail art?
Do you wear perfume? When? What's the name of your perfume?

School Fashions
What was the fashion when you were in high school?
Did you like your high school uniform? What color was it?
Did your high school uniform have a sailor collar? a ribbon?
What color was your P.E. uniform?
What did you wear to the AGU entrance ceremony?

Are you interested in the fashion of teenage idols? Who?
Which movie stars or singers do you think dresses the best?

1. 2. 3. 4.

Which fashion models do you like?
Do you copy anyone else's fashion style?

Fashionable Goods and Status Symbols
Do you prefer handbags, shoulderbags, or backpacks? What brands?
How often do you have your Print Club picture taken?
Do you have sunglasses? When and where do you wear them?
How many watches do you have?
Do you prefer analog or digital watches? Do you wear a watch?
Do you have a cellphone? What kind?
How many pairs of glasses do you own?

Where do you usually buy your clothes? How often do you go there?

Q11. Do you shop at Central Park? What stores? Lacoste? Dear Princess? Mish Mash? M Due? Inter Planet? or Roots?

Have you bought any clothes recently? What?
Who buys your clothes?
Who pays for your clothes?
When do you buy new clothes?
How much do you spend a month on clothes?
What are the most expensive clothes you have ever bought?
Where do you shop for your clothes?
Do you ever buy used clothes? What?
Have you ever shopped at a flea market? gone to a garage sale? had a garage sale?
Have you ever sold your old clothes?
Are there any clothes you want to buy for winter?
Do you ever shopped from a catalog? What catalog?

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