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Fields and Theories
Which do you prefer, Japanese history or world history?
What major historical events can you name?
Have you read any history books besides school textbooks?

World History
What country presented the Statue of Liberty to the United States?
When and where did the Napoleonic Wars begin?
Who was the dictator of Nazi Germany?
When and where did the World War II begin?
Why did Germany and the United States go to war?
When was Berlin Wall built?

Japanese History
Where is Himiko's grave?
When and from where did Buddhism come to Japan?
Did Shotoku Taishi really exist?
Where were Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu born?
What were their wives names? Did they have any children?
Who lived in Gifu Castle?
When was the Meiji Restoration? What happened?
How many wars has Japan had with China? Korea? Russia? When?
Why did North Korean agents abduct Japanese citizens?

Interest and Opinions
Have you been to any science museums? Where?
Do you read science fiction? What?
Are you interested in planets? stars? Can you name any?
Do you watch any TV programs about science? What?
Have you read any books or magazines about science? What?
Are you afraid of World War III?
Do you think there is life on other planets? intelligent life? UFOs?

Observation and Experiment
Have you ever studied science? When?
Do you remember performing any experiments? What?
Did you choose science in high school? Why?
Do you have a telescope? a microscope?
Have you ever watched the Leonid meteor showers?
Have you ever worn a white lab coat?
Have you ever wanted to become a scientist?
Were you ever a member of an science club?

History Grammar.

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