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Think, Write, and Discuss

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What do you think? ... How do you feel?
Your Thoughts and Feelings in Your Own English

The speaking classes in the junior college Department of English Communication (1992-2008) used to give students an opportunity to use their own English for social purposes. There was a four-day cycle for each unit/topic (see topics below).

Students should have paid attention, practiced, and asked questions everyday. Here is a list of topics we used, linked to lists of questions that might still be useful to help students think about and discuss each topic.

Family and Relatives Art Education and School
Self-Introductions History Sports and Exercise
Movies and TV Science Communication
Personal Memories . Health and Medicine
Crime Neighborhoods Animals
Music . Natural Disasters
Work Food and Diet Love and Marriage
Fashion . Youth Culture
University Studies College Life  News Events
. Cities Reading
Group Choice  Language Use Nature and the Environment

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